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"The Handiskins event was well supported by the SBGC members and given the success and interest in the final of the event, I expect we will be able to grow the participation in 2014. The members who participated enjoyed the format with some members taking annual leave to make themselves available to compete.

Once the players were entered to compete, the process was very simple for the staff to manage. We simply sent the daily scores through to Handiskins at the completion of each round and the progress scores/leaderboard was updated immediately which is very important to the participants. They were following the scores during each round as they were keen to keep up to date with the progress of their competitors.

The final and presentation created plenty of interest amongst the members as once they could see the players competing in the final and also hearing of the amount of prizes won by the finalists, they have shown more interest to participate in 2014.

I see the Handiskins format as a positive for any Golf Club. The main area of focus for the club's staff is to promote the event and take the entries and from that point on, there is minimal work to do for the club's staff. The prize money of $1,200 is very attractive and once members are made aware of the winnings of the finalists, I expect more participation form SBGC members in 2014.

Once again Paul, thanks for your assistance with promoting and coordinating our first Handiskins event and I look forward to the 2014 event."
Jason Hart Director of Golf and Club Professional Shelly Beach Golf Club

"As a finalist in Balgowlah Golf Club Handiskins Competition, I just have to say WHAT a super day. For an average club golfer to have the chance to play in a final under tournament conditions is an amazing experience with the prize money, Fox Sports coverage and crowd following all adding to a truly amazing atmosphere and feeling. It is a great concept and can't wait for the next competition to start. Well done."
Russell Ewing (Rusty) Balgowlah Golf Club

"Handiskins - How much fun was it?

On behalf of the members of Balgowlah Golf Club I would like to thank you for introducing us to Handiskins.

I really enjoyed that I did not have to play every Sunday as the rounds were spread over a three month period. As it is a stableford competition it involved players of all levels and our final four is testament to that, with three different divisions represented in the 'money round'. Handiskins sparked a great deal of interest within our club and dramatically increased the number of players in our Sunday comps. As President and as a golfer I would totally recommend this concept to any golf club."
Ron Thorburn Club President Balgowlah Golf Club

"It's great to see the club abuzz over the competition. After each round everyone is analysing scores to determine their chances of making the final playoff. Handiskins has certainly got everyone talking."
Matt Patterson Handiskins participant Balgowlah Golf Club

"Playing Handiskins was a truly great experience. A terrific concept and fabulous way to encourage a cross section of members to try something new. I thoroughly enjoyed the Balgowlah Handiskins Competition and would not hesitate to recommend it to any club golfer who loves to compete. Imagine holding your nerve to hole a 3 foot putt when a hole has jack-potted and is worth $220! Very exciting!"
Lynda Trevenar Handiskins finalist Balgowlah Golf Club

"On behalf of the members I would like to thank the organisers of the Handiskins tournament. The tournament was well received by all members. It created interest within the club and gave the members an event to talk about.
The final was played on 16 December and was played at a very competitive level. With the $1,200 prize money being evenly shared between all 4 players. The Handiskins format is an event that will now be added to our playing calendar and will see an increased participation by all members.
Once again thank you to the Handiskins organisation and the founder Paul Edwards for bringing the event to our club. We look forward to continuing our relationship into the future."
Matthew Ward Club Director Port Kembla Golf Club

"Handiskins what a great event thanks to Paul Edwards for bringing the event to Port Kembla Golf Club. Enjoyed the day immensely. Myself, Jim, Gary and Joss played in good competitive nature and would highly recommend this format to any golfer to compete at their local Golf Club."
Michael Lees Handiskins finalist Port Kembla Golf Club

"Handiskins! What a great concept. We all had a fantastic day, the ultimate game of golf for amateurs. Spoils were shared between all. There were some shockers hit but the worst putt of the day was 12" (by me) on the 16th. When you're putting for a collect of $160 it can be a bit nerve racking however the nerves of steel came to the fore and the ball wobbled along the full 12" and just fell in the hole. Jim, Joss, Michael & I would like to thank Paul Edwards from Handiskins & Eamon from Port Kembla Golf Club for organising the event and would like to see Handiskins back at Port Kembla again next year."
Gary Wheeler Handiskins finalist Port Kembla Golf Club