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Rank Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Best 3 Scores
1Tony Fenwicke354540330120
2Josh Franklin3334384335116
3Lee Harrison4137383534116
4David Paton038323640114
5Ross Humphreys4034373736114
6Josh Hanshaw3429403339113
7Tim McIntyre00373838113
8Mark Franklin3528402737112
9Peter Cooper-Southam3839353420112
10Bill Colwell3234372640111
11Michael Broadhurst2933393138110
12Stephen Moore026303742109
13Lawrie Fanshaw3134353338107
14Doug Hanshaw3337333729107
15Murray Olds3234373336107
16Scott Allsop342903735106
17Martin Stelzer403228033105
18Ron Asser2537302938105
19Russell Ewing38400025103
20Anthony Beale303439290103
21Peter Ross343336300103
22Robin Farr37300340101
23Therese McCarthy3134273629101
24Tim Mara03233360101
25Keith Rheaume3424282638100
26Donald Garrett3630272634100
27Glenn Toovey3119363328100
28Paul Edwards31363220099
29Andy Sherborne03231333499
30David Hill323233323297
31Ron Carpenter292732352896
32Tom Bourke303324263396
33Richard Williams3228310091
34Rodney Stevens3522003390
35Tom Lennon3126330090
36Robert Ewing031040071
37Rod Nunn033003568
38Patrick Collins270370064
39Jonathon Stock035024059
40Michael Cook230034057
41Jeff Ewing27000027
42Hans Zeegers02600026
All players scores and information are provided by the relevant golf club.

Congratulations to our finalists

Prize Money
1.Tony Fenwicke$200
2.Josh Franklin$540
3.Lee Harrison 
4.David Paton$460

The qualifying round winners of the Hamilton Island golfing voucher and a bottle of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine

Round 1Lee Harrison41pts
Round 2Tony Fenwicke45pts
Round 3Josh Hanshaw40pts
Round 4Josh Franklin43pts
Round 5Stephen Moore42pts

  • 1st qualifying round - Saturday, 20 Feb 2016
  • 2nd qualifying round - Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
  • 3rd qualifying round - Saturday, 19 Mar 2016
  • 4th qualifying round - Saturday, 09 Apr 2016
  • 5th qualifying round - Saturday, 16 Apr 2016
  • FINAL - Sunday, 17 Apr 2016