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Rank Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Best 3 Scores
1John Mason4036363733113
2Ian Harris39383500112
3Kevin White333836350109
4Greg Hyslop2735383036109
5Bruce Higginbottom373635028108
6Paul Davies3438312635107
7Guy Averell353334360105
8Grahame Hughes31350370103
9Wayne Fowler03334360103
10Ian Smith402929330102
11Michael Wade35313600102
12Bradley Weet3431283532101
13Bill Schofield3329312936100
14Mathew White3724003697
15Deborah Hartney31220313597
16Gregory Chad33343029097
17Adam Forbes28363030096
18Dale Rodgers28233335096
19David Hartney3132300093
20Lucas Fong3229290090
21Robert Conley32282828088
22James Skee3130270088
23Terry Bates0035282487
24Graham Baker3022320084
25Paul Richens2929260084
26Ian Bridge0233128082
27Kass Skee323100063
28Robert Walmsley027280055
29Anthony Perkins03700037
30Kane Burt03000030
31David Barker02500025
32Simon Tworek000000
All players scores and information are provided by the relevant golf club.

Congratulations to our finalists

Prize Money
1.John Mason$315
2.Ian Harris$195
3.Kevin White$55
4.Greg Hyslop$635

The qualifying round winners of the Hamilton Island golfing voucher and a bottle of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine

Round 1John Mason40pts
Round 2Kevin White38pts
Round 3Michael Wade36pts
Round 4Grahame Hughes37pts

  • 1st qualifying round - Saturday, 23 May 2015
  • 2nd qualifying round - Saturday, 27 Jun 2015
  • 3rd qualifying round - Saturday, 11 Jul 2015
  • 4th qualifying round - Saturday, 25 Jul 2015
  • 5th qualifying round - Saturday, 08 Aug 2015
  • FINAL - Saturday, 15 Aug 2015