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Rank Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Best 3 Scores
1Rhys George3025274641117
2Neal Hanlen3633323940115
3Tony Iles3233353839112
4Sebastian Sheridan2935353626106
5Bruce Tilley280364029105
6Andrew Dunstone2628353534104
7Matthew Stanley333004028103
8Josh Campbell303533035103
9Glen Barker330313727101
10David Riley02835037100
11Darren Slade353134030100
12James Hickey283332035100
13Ryan Bannerman26253241099
14Jennifer Tribe28353529099
15Kel Wilton3431003499
16Daryl Blamire0333003497
17Karin Sheedy2934300093
18Ron Tribe29262403792
19Alex Nicholson233027303090
20Neil Gowdie24303003090
21Nam Slade3228260086
22Mark Bennie280037065
23James Lucas036230059
24Bob Colley028270055
24Steve Moore272800055
26Gary Broomfield292400053
All players scores and information are provided by the relevant golf club.

Congratulations to our finalists

Prize Money
1.Rhys George$0
2.Neal Hanlen$290
3.Tony Iles$150
4.Sebastian Sheridan$160

The qualifying round winners receive a bottle of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine and a LEUK the DUCK driver cover.

Round 1Neal Hanlen36pts
Round 2James Lucas36pts
Round 3Bruce Tilley36pts
Round 4Rhys George46pts
Round 5Rhys George41pts

  • 1st qualifying round - Saturday, 05 Aug 2017
  • 2nd qualifying round - Saturday, 26 Aug 2017
  • 3rd qualifying round - Saturday, 02 Sep 2017
  • 4th qualifying round - Saturday, 21 Oct 2017
  • 5th qualifying round - Saturday, 11 Nov 2017
  • FINAL - Sunday, 19 Nov 2017