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Rank Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Best 3 Scores
1Wayne Pascoe333636370109
2Sean Coustley2927383039107
3Matt Beaton333331040106
4Mark Westwater3025353536106
5George Elders3729313430102
6Glen Coustley2532363233101
7Derek McAvoy353302733101
8Brett Mayor2826343334101
9Livi Ianu2931303831100
10Frank Marchesani333433330100
11John Payne323026353299
12Wayne Elphinstone28035323299
13Joel Knight313434272999
14Michael Mether272531313698
15Marty Bozic303128353298
16Steve McPherson272834323298
17Graeme Inglefinger262630323395
18Pam Fisher27293134094
19Darrell Timion29273203394
20Chris Gee2531037093
21Don Auchettl36282729093
22Michael Williamson3200273493
23Ray Dunn27313329093
24Ian Reichman03032273092
25Marcus Gordon312831292791
26Geoff Knight282329273390
27Kye Bath29253229090
28Tony Cruickshank29300302789
29Steve Trapman273027263188
30John Hockley283128252988
31Vincent Jugowitz302526302787
32Paul Fielding272332262786
33Chris Mew2929002886
34Eddie Pickett2827300085
35Wayne Murphy28262530084
36Chris Ryder2624003383
37Scott Merton2427003283
38Dan Wakeling24262926081
39Anthony O'Reilly222700049
All players scores and information are provided by the relevant golf club.

Finalists are currently not available for this competition. They will be available once Round 5 is complete.

The qualifying round winners receive a bottle of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine and a LEUK the DUCK driver cover.

Round 1George Elders37pts
Round 2Wayne Pascoe36pts
Round 3Sean Coustley38pts
Round 4Livi Ianu38pts
Round 5Matt Beaton40pts

  • 1st qualifying round - Saturday, 02 Sep 2017
  • 2nd qualifying round - Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
  • 3rd qualifying round - Saturday, 28 Oct 2017
  • 4th qualifying round - Saturday, 11 Nov 2017
  • 5th qualifying round - Saturday, 25 Nov 2017
  • FINAL - Saturday, 09 Dec 2017