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Rank Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Best 3 Scores
1Jason Thomson393835041118
2Leigh De Jong4137302438116
3Andrew Smith40360039115
4Tony Guthrie00383639113
5Greg King373038380113
6Warren Clunes3735373438112
7Paul Burns3030343343110
8Laurie Smith34354000109
9Gerard Timothy373332039109
10Brendan Keogh3629273933108
11Simon Longmore3138333733108
12James Winnel3433353038107
13David Castle3434353726106
14Altair Zolio3625313038105
15Samuel Whitfield3337342934105
16Richard Harrison36360033105
17Richard Robinson3330273338104
18Michael Castle373631310104
19Barry Suckling363230340102
20John Broster343236290102
21Ross Campbell3532293530102
22Raymond Carroll353428033102
23Colin Rava3133303137101
24Bradley Watson32363300101
25Glenn Leggett34035320101
26Darren Bury3031343333100
27Ryan Campbell3803003199
28Rob Halls26028373398
29Wayne Carter292932303698
30Mark Walsh3333310097
31Rick Tribe3331320096
32Peter Burgun32263232096
33Darren Guthrie3428330095
34Peter Street3233290094
35Michael Toshack3128340093
36Gary Harpley3329310093
37Chris Coghlan2730350092
38Jeff McNair2934280091
39Aaron Carruthers2502934088
40Dean Cooper2732290088
41William Hayes3127280086
42Troy Brandon312425292085
43Tony Waugh3026280084
44Paul Caller2721270075
45Scott Lovell370310068
46Robert Van Delft330340067
47Chris Suckling303400064
48Paul Dean310320063
49David Maloney300320062
50Darryl Burgess310300061
51Dennis Chaplin332700060
52Ross Kennedy36000036
53Nic Casey000000
53Mark Wotherspoon000000
All players scores and information are provided by the relevant golf club.

Congratulations to our finalists

Prize Money
1.Jason Thomson$100
2.Leigh De Jong$660
3.Andrew Smith$220
4.Tony Guthrie$220

The qualifying round winners receive a bottle of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine and a LEUK the DUCK driver cover.

Round 1Leigh De Jong41pts
Round 2Simon Longmore38pts
Round 3Laurie Smith40pts
Round 4Brendan Keogh39pts
Round 5Paul Burns43pts

  • 1st qualifying round - Saturday, 08 Jul 2017
  • 2nd qualifying round - Saturday, 15 Jul 2017
  • 3rd qualifying round - Saturday, 22 Jul 2017
  • 4th qualifying round - Sunday, 23 Jul 2017
  • 5th qualifying round - Sunday, 30 Jul 2017
  • FINAL - Sunday, 13 Aug 2017