Register your clubs interest Handiskins

Hosting Club Obligations

  • Handiskins will cost each participating club $39.00 per player (including GST). The registration fee includes a $4 donation to the Challenge Foundation, supporting kids with cancer.
  • The hosting club is responsible for determining the dates of the 5 qualifying rounds and the final round. 
  • Following the 3rd qualifying round the club is required to deposit all entry fees into a nominated Handiskins account.
  • One week before the final round, Handiskins will deposit the prize pool amount (refer to the Prize Pool table below) for prize vouchers into a nominated club bank account. 


Prize Pool

The Handiskins prize pool for a club's competition is based on the number of its registered players and requires at least 25 registered players. Handiskins has introduced a new package for small and country clubs to be involved with Handiskins. Clubs that don’t get the minimum 40 players will have their Handiskins Final prize money reduced according to the number of players less than the minimum 40 players – please refer to the table below.

Registered PlayersPrize Pool
Clubs with 40 players and above Guarantee $1,200 Handiskins Final prize pool
Between 35-39 players Handiskins Final prize pool $1,000
Between 30-34 players Handiskins Final prize pool $800
Between 25-29 plyers Handiskins Final prize pool $600


Club Package Includes (for clubs with 40 players and above)

  • Every qualifying round winner receives a bottle of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine. PLUS a Leuk the Duck driver cover.
  • Prize vouchers valued at $1,200 – Club or pro shop vouchers. 
  • Posters to promote your clubs Handiskins competition.
  • Player's registration forms.
  • Handiskins scoring and leaders board program available on the Handiskins website.
  • A Handiskins registration pack for each player. 
  • A Handiskins polo shirt and Bridgestone golf cap for each finalist who participates in the final round. 
  • An invitation for each of your finalists to attend the Handiskins National Final.
  • Handiskins website gallery is available for your clubs competition photos. 
Leuk the Duck driver cover and Peter Lehmann Portrait wine


Club Package Includes (for clubs with less than 40 players)

  • Includes all of the above – EXCLUDING Leuk the Duck driver cover
  • Refer to the Prize Pool table above for pro shop/club voucher prerequisites.


Club Incentives

If a club registers 55 players or more the club will receive one dozen bottles of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine. If a club registers 75 players or more the club will receive two dozen bottles of Peter Lehmann Portrait wine.



* Conditions apply, please refer to the Handiskins competition rules of play.

Fox Sports Rockets Handiskins to the next Level
On the 7th November Fox Sports The Golf Show featured the Handiskins story and National Final on their television show. The results were fantastic but on Friday 1st December Fox Sports put the story on their Facebook page and some 32,000 plus views later Handiskins has over 100 new clubs interested in the competition. Look out in 2018 as Handiskins might be coming to your club.

2017 was Big – 2018 Looking Bigger
In 2018 the number of players participating in the Handiskins competition has risen dramatically. The excitement the Handiskins competition provides to clubs is so rewarding and makes our job a joy and not work. We are pleased with the support that Handiskins and its golfing community provide to David Rogers and his team at Challenge and we send our best wishes to Jarrod Lyle for a speedy recovery. Every club asks how Jarrod is going which is a true testament to the man and his character with the work he does supporting kids with cancer. I would like to thank all those who have played Handiskins in 2017 and we look forward to a bigger year in 2018.