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Handiskins will maintain the highest levels of integrity by strict adherence to the rules of golf. These rules are set in place to ensure fairness of play for all golfers and to ensure the ProHandiskins experience is enjoyed by all.


ProHandiskins Event Policies

Handiskins in conjunction with participating golf clubs will determine all rules and will administer them in accordance with the R & A Rules of Golf. All participants of Handiskins by entering the event agree to abide by the rules set out for this event. All rules are as posted on the official Handiskins website and may be updated from time to time.



  1. Only Club professionals from clubs hosting a Handiskins tournament will be eligible for an invitation to participate in the ProHandiskins. The club professional must be employed by and work in the proshop of the participating club.
  2. When more than one club professional is working at the club the following scale will determine how many pros will receive an invitation. The scale depends on the number of players are registered to play in the club Handiskins tournament
    • 25 registered players = 1 x Professional receiving an invitation
    • 40 registered players = 2 x Professionals receiving an invitation
    • 60 registered players = 3 x Professionals receiving an invitation
  3. The Proshop will take control and responsibility for the registrations of their club members for the clubs Handiskins tournament and therefore determining the number of professional staff in the proshop who will receive an invitation to play in ProHandiskins.
  4. Clubs decide on the dates their Handiskins tournament is played between the 1st January through to the 31st December each year with the ProHandiskins tournament being played the following year.