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Handiskins will maintain the highest levels of integrity by strict adherence to the rules of golf. These rules are set in place to ensure fairness of play for all golfers and to ensure the Handiskins experience is enjoyed by all.


Handiskins Event Policies

Handiskins in conjunction with participating golf clubs will determine all rules and will administer them in accordance with the R & A Rules of Golf. All participants of Handiskins by entering the event agree to abide by the rules set out for this event. All rules are as posted on the official Handiskins website and may be updated from time to time.



  1. Only financial members of the participating club can enter. Handiskins is open to all financial members – male and female.
  2. Each entrant must have a current Golf Australia handicap.
  3. Their Golf Australia handicap, on the day of each qualifying round and on the day of the final will apply. In the final, handicaps will be revised as explained in Conditions of Play.
  4. Each entrant must complete the Handiskins registration form prior to commencing their first qualifying round. 


Handiskins Rules of Play

The Handiskins Rules are the property of Handiskins and they must not be used without our consent. If you are interested in using the Rules please visit our Register Your Clubs Interest page.


Qualifying Rounds

  1. There are five qualifying rounds.
  2. All players must compete in a minimum of three out of five qualifying rounds to be eligible to compete in the final.  
  3. Qualifying rounds will be played as normal club stableford competitions.
  4. The best three (3) out of five (5) rounds aggregated will determine the four (4) qualifiers for the final. Therefore it may not be necessary to play in all five (5) rounds to qualify.
  5. Ladies will play the qualifying rounds off the ladies tees.
  6. In the event of a tie for 4th position the highest individual score of each tied player’s three (3) best rounds will fill 4th spot. If still deadlocked the next highest round will determine the 4th finalist.

      Example:  Player "A" has rounds of 36, 37, 42, 32, 36 therefore best 3 = 115pts 
        Player "B" has rounds of 31, 36, 36, 43 therefore best 3 = 115pts. Player "B" qualifies 4th finalist with the highest individual score of 43 points.

    If the tie is still deadlocked the standard count back rule is applied to the highest scored round until an outright finalist is decided.

  7. In the event of one or more qualifiers not being able to play in the final the next best score will take their place.


The Final

  1. The final will be played over 18 holes using the match play index. Should a lady be in the final she will play off the ladies tees, the ladies par but off the men’s match play index.
  2. The lowest handicap will play off scratch and each other finalist will play from a reduced handicap. 


    Example -

    Player "A" handicap 5 goes to scratch

    Player "B" handicap 12 goes to 7

    Player "C" handicap 19 goes to 14

    Player "D" handicap 23 goes to 18

  3. Each hole will be played on the basis of "2 square all square" with the prize value of any hole not won outright jackpotting to the next hole.
  4. The two nearest to the pin hole prizes will not be won unless one of the finalists is on the putting surface (the green) from their tee shot. In the event of more than one finalist being on the green it is the finalist that is closest to the pin that wins the prize.
  5. In the event that the final hole is not won or that a nearest to the pin has not been won (example- there are prize vouchers not won at the conclusion of play) then such prize vouchers will be split between the four finalists.
  6. Each participating club must supply a Marshall and an official scorer to accompany the finalists during play in the final. Any ruling will be in line with the rules of Golf and the Marshall’s decision will be final.

Note: In the event that bad weather causes the cancellation of any qualifying round or the final the Golf Club has the right to reschedule that qualifying round or the final. 

Note: Please refer to the Club Packages page for details about prizes.


National Handiskins Final

The 4 finalists from each club hosting a Handiskins competition for their members from 1st January to the 31st December will receive an invitation to play in the National Handiskins Final to be held in May of the following year. The National Handiskins Final will consist of the programme detailed on the National Handiskins Final page.

Queensland has its first Handiskins National Champion!
The Handiskins National final was held at RACV Royal Pines 2nd-6th May 2018 with our biggest numbers yet. There was plenty of good scores, hard luck stories and I let the course get the better of me. In the end our 4 finalists Corey Foster (Burleigh Golf Club), Peter Selberg (Northbridge Golf Club), Ian Rigby (Balgowlah Golf Club) and including the first ever lady to make the final Prescila Keogh (Hurstville Golf Club) battled it out on the Championship green and gold course for a National title. It took 17 hole before our National Champion Corey Foster emerged to birdie a $580 jackpot hole to claim the title. Corey not only won the title and pocketed some good money to spend back in him club, he also won 6 bottles of Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz valued at $100 per bottle for himself and another 6 bottles for his club Burleigh Golf Club.

Peter Lehmann Wine Golf Challenge!
This was a trial event to run in conjunction with the Handiskins National Final for members and friend who didn’t qualify for the National Final. Players played 2 rounds of golf with closest the pin and longest drive for men and women winning limited edition 3 litre bottles of Peter Lehmann wines and a Peter Lehmann Wine dinner included in the package. There is huge interest for this event in 2019 so keep an eye out for details in September on how to book your place in this field.