The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

Local Club Sponsorships

Sponsor Handiskins at your local club

Handiskins is a simple and effective members-only tournament that drives engagement, participation rates, and generates revenues for each club. It has a huge economic and social impact on the clubs in which it operates and has proven time-and-time again that it is one of the best demand generators for grassroots golf in the country.

Sometimes its not always possible for smaller club-minded businesses to become a major sponsor of Handiskins, but there is a way that local businesses can get involved in the successful running of Handiksins at your local club.

We have three ready-made tiers of club comp sponsorship that allows local businesses to keep their sponsorship targeted to the club that they love.

Drive early bookings

It's always important to drive early bookings in Club initiatives like Handiskins, which builds the  momentum for a successful tournament. Our Club Sponsorship packages focus on the sponsor subsidising the players to take part in their local comp.

  • Subsidise the entry fees of the first 25 Bookings by $20 
    Investment: $500
  • Subsidise the entry fees of the first 50 Bookings by $20
    Investment: $1000
  • Pay the entry fees for the first 25 Bookings at your club
    Investment: $975
  • Pay the entry fees for the first 50 Bookings at your club
    Investment: $1950
  • Subsidise or pay for the entry fees of all participants at your club
    Investment varies depending on numbers

What businesses get in return

Depending on the level of investment club sponsors get the opportunity toLeaderboard Sponsorship

  • Naming rights acknowledgement of the Club event
  • Have their logo or Banner advertisement placed on the Leaderboard
  • Have their logo on all club specific emails 
    • Pre-event emails
    • 5 x Round results
    • Final Results
  • On-course activation
    • You can setup your stall or promotion at the event to interact with participants initiating sales-lead-generation
    • Signage and product displays
    • Product sampling and display
  • Event Goodies bag
    • Add your flyer or product to the registration bag 
  • Bespoke packages and activations are available on request

If you see an opportunity to assist your club and its members, whilst also amplifying your company objectives it's time to  explore partnership opportunities with us. Please get in touch to discuss

Sponsorship of  all clubs with Regions, States or Nationally.

There is also the opportunity for sponsors to activate their brands at a local club level but across all Handiskins clubs across an entire regions. This suits brands that specialise in personal lead-generation or product sampling/education. It also assists businesses that have a vast geographic footprint beyond the borders of just one club. Please get in touch to discuss.