The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

ProHandiskins rules & format

The ProHandiskins Rules are the property of Handiskins and they must not be used without our consent. If you are interested in using the Rules please visit our Register Your Clubs Interest page.

Qualifying Rounds

  1. There are two qualifying rounds of stableford competition.
  2. All Club professionals (Ladies and Men) will play off scratch
  3. The aggregated stableford scores of the 2 rounds will determine the four (4) qualifiers for the ProHandiskins final.
  4. Ladies will play the qualifying rounds off the ladies tees.
  5. In the event of a tie for any of the qualifying round prizes a countback will determine the prize winner. The last 3 holes stableford scores will be used for the countback to determine the winner. If there is still a deadlock the next 3 holes will be added to the countback and so on until the deadlock is broken and a winner is declared. 
  6. The top 4 players at the end of the 2 qualifying rounds will go on to play in the ProHandiskins Final. In the event of a tie for 4th place the player with the highest individual stableford score will go onto play in the final. Please see example below
    • Example: Player "A" has rounds of 36, 37 = 73pts 
    • Player "B" has rounds of 38, 35 = 73pts. Player "B" qualifies 4th finalist with the highest individual score of 38 points.
  7. If the tie is still deadlocked the last 9 holes stableford score of the 2nd qualifying round will be used to break the deadlock.
  8. In the event of one or more qualifiers not being able to play in the final the next best score will take their place.

The ProHandiskins Final

  1. The ProHandiskins final will be played over 18 holes with all professionals playing off scratch. Should a lady be in the final she will play off the ladies tees and the ladies par.
  2. Each hole will be played on the basis of "2 square all square" with the prize value of any hole not won outright jackpotting to the next hole.
  3. The two nearest to the pin hole prizes will not be won unless one of the finalists is on the putting surface (the green) from their tee shot. In the event of more than one finalist being on the green it is the finalist that is closest to the pin that wins the prize.
  4. In the event that the final hole is not won or that a nearest to the pin has not been won (example- there are prizes money not won at the conclusion of play) then such prize money will be split between the four finalists.
  5. An official scorer from Handiskins and a marshal will accompany the 4 finalists. Any decision or ruling made by the marshal is final.