The ultimate game of skins for club golfers


November 28, 2020 Junior Superstar Mailey Iwatani's Twin Creeks Title

Halfway through the Handiskins Final Mailey Iwatani explained her golfing goals "I want to be the best". "At Twin Creeks?" we asked. Mailey replied "In the world... I want to be number 1".

November 21, 2020 7 Hole Jackpot splits Meadow Springs 'A-Graders'

Four 'A-Graders' contested the 2020 Meadow Springs Golf & Country today and it took a massive 7 hole to split our 4 finalists for the Club Handiskins Championship.

November 21, 2020 Witham Wins Big at Wodonga

Only 9 shots between our 4 finalists but Paul Witham had a day out winning $835 which included 5 jackpot holes.

November 21, 2020 Jones flies home to claim last 5 skins in Ryde-Parramatta Victory

What a great Handiskins Championship final at Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club today. Richard Jones cleaned up the final 5 skins to come out on top winning $470 from Wanrae Cho $350, Bennett Wheelhouse $310

November 1, 2020 Ultimate Wine Offer to Handiskins Participants

Our friends at Peter Lehmann Wines have a fabulous offer of up to 20% off their finest drops delivered to your door - using our Casella Cellars Coupon Code.

October 25, 2020 Bullock's 'the man' at Mandurah

A beautiful sunny day greeted the 4 finalists for Mandurah Country Club's first Handiskins $1200 final with Joshua Bullock the victor.

October 24, 2020 Ten consecutive jackpot-holes in tense Nelson Bay final

What a Final! Nelson Bay Golf Club held their $1,000 Handiskins Final on Saturday 24th October 2020 in rainy conditions.

October 24, 2020 Yamagata storms home for Macquarie Links victory

Nobby Yamagata stormed home with a dominant back nine, with thanks to a couple of excellent putts from just off the green to win jackpot holes and finish as Macquarie Links Handiskins Champion

October 19, 2020 Win a Yamaha Golf Cart

During the first round at every club we have had the Yamaha Nearest the Pin. Win at your club, and you can be chipping for a brand new Yamaha Golf Cart at the Handiskins National Championships.