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Do you have a brand or product that you'd like to associate with Handiskins? Handiskins is open to sponsorship and partnership opportunities that strongly align to the Handiskins values and create strong long-term opportunities for mutual growth.

  • Handiskins seeks other challenger brands to form mutually beneficial commercial growth partnerships. We want partners that comprehend the golf opportunity and mirror our growth ambitions.
  • Handiskins seeks partners that can activate their brand in a way that either adds-value to the event, or gives-value to our players. We strive for bespoke activations that build incredible relationships with our partners, our customers and our commitment to invigorating grassroots golf.
  • Handiskins seeks partners that are ‘best-in-class’.
  • Handiskins seeks partners that need to get their product in the hands of consumers; to demonstrate their point of difference and their connectivity to the local community.

If you believe that you meet these values and want to explore partnership opportunities - please get in touch to discuss

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