The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

What the pros think about Handiskins

Di Monk

Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club

This was the first year we played in the Handiskins competition – what a great concept! At first the members were a bit luke warm and signed up mainly “for the kids” but when Paul came to launch our first round and more people joined up everyone was excited to go. We managed to have 45 players sign up so we had the full skins $1200 to play for. As each round was played and the winners showed off their “Leuk the Duck” driver covers the competition heated up even more – everyone one wanted one of those covers. The last round was really intense – there were possibly 8-9 players who could get into the final with just one more good score. The final four fought a good fight. The highest prize winner total was $600 with all finalists winning some money. We will definitely be playing the Handiskins again next year –a great game supporting a great cause.

Brett Scothern

General Manager

Medway Golf Club

Our members really enjoyed the 1st year of Handiskins. We hope next year we get an increase in starters after a successful event this year. Your tournament conditions and general concept works well and is clear for all to follow. It adds an extra dimension to regular Saturday competitions, and with the build up to the final, creates an aspiration for our members to reach. A little bit of prizemoney in the form of vouchers doesn’t hurt either to those competitors in the club that like to test themselves. Well done. Look forward to next year.

Heath Streat

Director of Golf, Membership & Communication

Box Hill Golf Club

We ran the Handiskins event for the first time this year and it was extremely well received by our members. Those who participated enjoyed watching the leaders board over the 5 qualifying weeks and the players who played in the final had a great time playing skins. The event is all done by Handiskins and there is minimal admin required from the shop staff. I would recommend it to all clubs looking for a different event to engage their members.

Aaron Rayson

Club Professional

Queens Park Golf Club

Thank you very much to Paul for helping get our first Handiskins event off the ground at Queens Park. Our members absolutely loved the concept and all 4 finalists and myself are looking forward to the final at Royal Pines. Everyone at Queens Park can’t wait for the next Handiskins event.

Robby Stephenson

PGA Member & General Manager

The Links Shell Cove

I am extremely pleased to be associated with the Handiskins event at the Links Shell Cove, it has become an important part of our members event calendar and after recently being a part of the final on the gold coast I can say the event was extremely well run and certainly gives the amateur golfer a taste of the pressure the professional golfer has. I encourage all players that can to get involved and if you get the chance certainly make the effort to attend the national final you won’t regret it.

Bernadette Lance

Golf Operations Manager

Southport Golf Club

The concept of Handiskins is unique but proved to be such a positive event for our club. Players get to play for prizemoney that normally they wouldn’t get the chance to play for. The event is well run, and working with Paul was very enjoyable. He shows professionalism and commitment and he wants the day to be just as successful as you do. Overall the Handiskins event was popular and the experience was very positive. We have already scheduled next year’s event in and I highly recommend any club hold a Handiskins event.

Ian Cottle

General Manager

Burleigh Golf Club

Handiskins was a fantastic promotion for our Members and we have far greater participation then we anticipated. The Handiskins team provided excellent co-ordination of the event and their attendance on the first and last rounds helped make the promotion a success. Our Members are already looking forward to the 2017 event.

Peter Trudgian

Golf Office

Nudgee Golf Club

From day 1, Paul Edwards and the team from Handiskins have been professional and organised. Telephone conversations with verbal commitments have been met with hands on execution. Our members were a little unsure when they first heard about an amateur skins format, but embraced the idea once the tournament teed off with a few players finishing strongly to try and make their way into the top 4. The final match held this morning was played during a lovely winter sunshine day and Paul Edwards, once again, was here to address and officiate the match. Our four members thoroughly enjoyed the skins match with our plus 3 marker mentioning he loved the added pressure. Paul assures me the 2017 tournament will be bigger and better and l’m excited to see the format and sign up for our Nudgee Golf Club members. Thanks again to Paul and the entire team at Handiskins for offering club members something a little different.

Nathan Stace

Golf Operations

Cessnock Golf Club

Cessnock Golf club was pleased to add the addition of this exciting event to its calendar in 2016 for the first time and turned out to be a great success. With some exceptional scoring during the qualifying rounds it turned out to be a tough battle to make the final four, and everyone was interested to see how they were progressing on the leader board. There was certainly a buzz around the club heading into the final round with maybe a dozen players still having a chance at securing a spot in the final four. The fact that we could just run this event in conjunction with our regular Saturday Stableford made it so easy. I would like to thank Paul Edwards for his help along the way, everything has been effortless and I would certainly recommend to other clubs to give Handiskins a go. Once all the members had seen the results and realise how much money they could win, I will be hoping for a bigger better event in 2017.

Darren Chivas

Club Professional

Everglades Country Club

Thanks for introducing the Everglades CC to Handiskins. I think the concept is great with a lot of interest revolving around the qualifying rounds especially the last round which had members interest at a high on who were to be the finalists. The final was awesome with each player designated a theme song which was played when the player won a skin. I think my staff and I had just as much fun as the players. All in all a great event organised well which has created member interest for the future.

Matt Docking

Club Professional

Cowra Golf Club

Handiskins was a fantastic addition to our regular Saturday golf. It increased the banter throughout the club particularly towards the final qualifying round between members and has created great interest in the event for next year. The prizes for the finalist has certainly gotten the attention of all our members and we are looking forward to a bigger and even better event again next year.

Ian Ferguson

PGA Professional

Wagga Wagga Country Club

The feedback from those playing in the event was very positive and all those playing will be sure to enter again next year. The competition ran smoothly (except for the weather) and I’m sure we will double our entrants next year. Promotion and in particular “word of mouth” will play a vital role for the Handiskins future success.

Sachiko Cathcart

Ladies Captain

Wakehurst Golf Club

Wakehurst Women Members were delighted this year to be the first all ladies group of Golfers to participate in the Handiskins Competition. The feedback from those who played was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed playing the Handiskins Competition and the stableford competition gave everybody a chance to be competitive. The format of the best three out of five games provided opportunities for all participants to be successful and to win prizes over a number of games. Qualification for the final was especially exciting as the competition was so close. The final itself was a thrilling event with players potentially winning a "skin" on each hole. It was even more exciting when the prize money jackpotted over more than one. Overall, it was a wonderful competition and our Members are looking forward to participating again next year.

Glenn Kelly

Director of Golf

Massey Park Golf Club

After having Handiskins at Massey Park Golf Club for the first time last year our members were looking forward to the event making its return for 2015. The format of the event is fantastic and creates a lot of interest right up until the final round. Our 4 lucky finalists had a great experience in the final with the $1200 shared fairly evenly. A big thanks to Paul and his team for all their support to ensure everything ran smoothly. We are already looking forward to Handiskins making its return in 2016.

Leslie Bennett

Club Professional

Singleton Golf Club

Thanks go to Paul Edwards for getting Handiskins played at Singleton Golf Club. Our final will be played this Sunday, just a day after the 5th round. There is still a ton of interest as any one of 16 players still appears to have a chance to compete in the skins final. Every Club should give this competition a try. Our Club will schedule Handiskins into their 2015 program and expect an even bigger level of participation. Paul's administrative support has meant most of the work is done for us.

Ray McGlinn

Golf Professional

Northbridge Golf Club

A first for Northbridge but we will definitely be back next year to enter into this fun competition, a professionally run organisation and worth being a part of as a Club and a Member in more ways than one. You can win up to $1200 in vouchers, and be part of what the Professionals experience over a putt, worth good money!

Christian Hamilton

Sandhurst Golf Club

Club Professional

We are always looking to “value add” to the membership experience by running fun and inclusive events for our members. Handiskins has provided a lasting engaging experience over the past 7 weeks with our members accompanied with a unique experience for our four finalists. The final was great, seeing club members over short putts for hundreds of dollars is an experience they will never forget and for Sandhurst, the prize money stays in the club as credit helping with F&B or golf shop sales. Thank you Paul on delivering a unique and exciting experience for our members.

Paul Thomas

Club Captain

Parkes Golf Club

The Parkes Golf Club this year contested its first Handiskins event at this club and like all new events the Club’s Board of Directors was a little apprehensive in making its decision to contest the event. However, from the outset the help and co-operation we received from Handiskins representatives certainly relieved many of the problem areas and despite the weather not being too kind for our opening two rounds the club managed to the required number of participants. As the players settled into the structure of the event the competiveness certainly came to the fore. This was made abundantly clear when it came down to the last qualifying round as some 12 members were still in contention for the four positions in the final. The final started off like most finals with the players anxious as the pressure was on with press articles including photos in the local paper adding to the hype of the event. The final did not fail to excite with 18 holes of fierce competition. The $1,200 in prizes was shared amongst the finalists with the Ladies’ Champion Kaye Jones topping the prize pool with $555, closely followed by junior golfer Sam Turner receiving $335. Players at the club are already primed for the event in 2015. A big thank you to the organisers and especially Paul Edwards for such a great experience.

Kurt Linde

Director of Golf and Club Professional

Pacific Dunes Golf Club

Thank you Paul Edwards for introducing Handiskins to Pacific Dunes. We just played our first final and members are already asking when is the next one. We see this event becoming a permanent fixture on the Pacific Dunes Calendar. The support from Handiskins meant for very little administrative efforts on our behalf. I encourage all clubs to introduce this event to their events calendar.

Kirk Nederpelt

Director of Golf

Thurgoona Country Club Resort

I would like to commend Paul Edwards and his Handiskins team and sponsors for putting together a simple, attractive event which captured the interest of our members during an otherwise quiet time of year. In our first year of running a Handiskins event, we had 53 members sign up and heading into the final qualifying rounds about half of them still had the chance to break through into the final four. All the elements needed to run a first class event were provided- posters for marketing, a website featuring the latest scores, daily prizes and a gift bag upon entry were all perks to the already great prize of the chance to play for $1,200 in vouchers. We're looking forward to running another Handiskins event in 2015 and we will no doubt see an increase in member participation, particularly when the winners spread the word of how great the final was!

Jason Glanz

Head Professional

Devilbend Golf Club

We had a great time running the Handiskins event, with over 50 members entering. The support from the team at Handiskins was great and everything ran smoothly. There was plenty of excitement on the final day with lots of members very interested in the results. I look forward to hosting another event later in the year.

Guy Chapman

Chief Operating Officer

Orange Ex-Services Club

Too easy and too much fun. When can we start scheduling in our next Handiskins event? Due to the success and excitement of our initial Handiskins event and with over 34% of our average Saturday field registering with Handiskins, we are now planning our Spring Handiskins, which cannot come around quick enough. We had more people turn up to watch our four Handiskins finalists battle it out for $1,200 in prize money than we ever had for our Match Play Club Championships. Paul and Kristin made it all too easy. All we had to do was schedule the qualifying rounds and the Handiskins team looked after everything else.

Mandy Buchanan

Club Professional

Wodonga Golf Club

Wodonga Golf Club held the Handiskins competition for the first time this year. The event was a huge success and I’m sure will only get bigger next year now that the members understand the format. Paul was of great assistance in helping running the event and we look forward to running the event again next year.

Brendon Kop

General Manager

Penrith Golf Club

Our inaugural Handiskins event was a refreshing addition to our golfing fixtures. The members really enjoyed the camaraderie of the qualifying process. The final was a mixture of nerves and excitement. The event was won on the final hole with one of our juniors holing a 30 foot putt for four skins and $320 to become the overall winner. Our members are already asking when the club will be hosting its next Handiskins event, of which we look forward to.

Nigel Stephens

Golf Operations Manager

Rosebud Golf Club

It was great to see so much interest in the Handiskins competition. Even in the final round, we had many members still eligible to qualify for the final. It's a great concept and our members are already waiting for the next competition to begin. Well done to Paul & his team.

Daniel Mitchell

Head Professional

Massey Park Golf Club

An absolutely cracking event, a real leveller for golfers of all abilities. Paul made my job as easy as possible with very little work to do on my end during the event and the weeks leading up to the start of the tournament. The day of the final ran as smooth as you could of hoped for, which is a testament to Paul himself and the format of the tournament. Get your club involved with Handiskins as soon as possible, your members will thank you for it.

Todd Iffland

Head Professional

Wentworth Golf Club Orange

Handiskins was a fantastic event, the final here at Wentworth Golf Club included a ten hole jackpot and Handiskins first female winner who walked away with a very large portion of the $1200.00 prize money. A big thank you to Paul who attended the day of the final and created a great atmosphere. Handiskins will increase the fields at your club dramatically, and create a buzz that will last long after your event is over. Our members are already asking when Handiskins is returning to Wentworth Golf Club again.

Richard Crooks


Branxton Golf Club

The Club appreciates the help and assistance from the Handiskins team in facilitating our first Handiskins event. We will most definitely be having Handiskins again in 2014.

Robby Stephenson (2013)

General Manager

The Links Shell Cove

Thanks for the opportunity to host a Handiskins event at The Links Shell Cove. From the staffs perspective the event was simple and rewarding to manage, we were able to email the scores through to the Handiskins team and they had them up on the website immediately. The members really enjoyed the format especially those that made it through the final, I believe we will get even more entrants in 2014. The final was exciting with a large jackpot won on the last hole, which created some great interest and talking points around the clubhouse. All in all we really enjoyed the Handiskins event and I see it growing into a regular event on our calendar.

Peter Nascimento

Golf Operations

The Links Shell Cove

A great event for the members, it gives them an opportunity to play a format of the game very rarely experienced by the amateur golfer. The organization and support given by the Handiskins team was great with regular updates being posted and results sent out and updated in a timely manner. Would definitely look to host this again in the future.

Robert Kennedy

Director of Golf

Moss Vale Golf Club

We hosted our first Handiskins event during September & October this year with great success. The feedback we have received from all players has been very positive and a number of members who did not play have shown interest in playing in the next event. The final was a great day and the format produced some pressure moments for our members, all 4 players commented on how different and exciting the format was. Handiskins is a fantastic competition and we will defiantly be hosting more events in the future.

Stewart Hardiman

Director of Golf and Head Professional

Hurstville Golf Club

The Handiskins tournament was the most successful tournament we have ever staged at Hurstville Golf Club. Running the tournament throughout our regular Saturday competitions helped member participation which truly exceeded my expectations. The event created great interest amongst the members jockeying for a Top 4 position during the 5 qualifying rounds. The 4 members lucky enough to contest the final enjoyed an unforgettable experience. We look forward to hosting the event again in 2014. Thanks again Paul for all your help.

Travis Merritt

Club Professional

Howlong Golf Club

A big thank you to Paul Edwards and all others involved in getting Handiskins played down here at Howlong, all members that played in the 5 qualifying rounds were stoked in the way the format was played in and are keen to play next year. Well done to the guys that made the final 4, And the club is excited to get on board next year.

Neil Rolfe

Club Professional

Bayview Golf Club

Handiskins is a fresh and exciting event that my members were excited about participating in. I look forward to hosting another event next year!

Paul Skinner

Teaching Professional & PGA member

Hurstville Golf Club

Handiskins is a great concept and format which created plenty of interest and excitement with our members. There were many stories of near misses and some great scores especially with $1200 to be won. The final four had a great day out and no one missed out on winning some money which was a big bonus!! It makes interesting viewing watching putts for big dollars!!! This event has been most enjoyable to be involved with and was a big success. Thanks Paul for your help and guidance. Look forward to 2014 to be even bigger and better.

Andrew Webster

Head Golf Professional

Wakehurst Golf Club

Coordinating any golf event always promises a series of challenges but, with Paul’s help, any and all of these issues were handled with ease. With participation of over 50 of our members, the event was an enormous success because it offered a fun and exciting alternative event to be played in conjunction with our regular weekly competition. So successful was it in the first qualifying round that as many non-participants as participants asked whether they could join in. with this sort of success in its first year at our club, I am sure that next year’s competition will be even larger and the reputation of Handiskins will continue to grow.

Peter Beard

PGA Australia

Thank you Handiskins on another great event staged at Balgowlah Golf Club. Our 2nd year featured many more participants and the interest over the qualifying rounds and ultimately the final was electric. Over 30 players had a chance to make the final 4 going into the last qualifying round. We look forward to next year’s event at the club.

Jason Hart

Director of Golf and Club Professional

Shelly Beach Golf Club

The Handiskins event was well supported by the SBGC members and given the success and interest in the final of the event, I expect we will be able to grow the participation in 2014. The members who participated enjoyed the format with some members taking annual leave to make themselves available to compete. Once the players were entered to compete, the process was very simple for the staff to manage. We simply sent the daily scores through to Handiskins at the completion of each round and the progress scores/leaderboard was updated immediately which is very important to the participants. They were following the scores during each round as they were keen to keep up to date with the progress of their competitors. The final and presentation created plenty of interest amongst the members as once they could see the players competing in the final and also hearing of the amount of prizes won by the finalists, they have shown more interest to participate in 2014. I see the Handiskins format as a positive for any Golf Club. The main area of focus for the club's staff is to promote the event and take the entries and from that point on, there is minimal work to do for the club's staff. The prize money of $1,200 is very attractive and once members are made aware of the winnings of the finalists, I expect more participation form SBGC members in 2014. Once again Paul, thanks for your assistance with promoting and coordinating our first Handiskins event and I look forward to the 2014 event.

Matthew Ward

Club Director

Port Kembla Golf Club

On behalf of the members I would like to thank the organisers of the Handiskins tournament. The tournament was well received by all members. It created interest within the club and gave the members an event to talk about. The final was played on 16 December and was played at a very competitive level. With the $1,200 prize money being evenly shared between all 4 players. The Handiskins format is an event that will now be added to our playing calendar and will see an increased participation by all members. Once again thank you to the Handiskins organisation and the founder Paul Edwards for bringing the event to our club. We look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.