The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

Handiskins at a glance

Handiskins is committed to growing grassroots golf

Golf clubs are the lifeblood of the game. Handiskins challenges the decline of golf participation across Australia & New Zealand by providing an event that focuses on the success of our great community golf clubs.

  • Handiskins stimulates player spend in the club pro-shops and bars
  • Handiskins drives increased member participation and engagement at club events
  • Handiskins is designed to minimise the burden on club staff
  • Handiskins is inclusive of all club golfers
  • Only financial members of your club can compete in Handiskins
  • Handiskins gives back to Pros and Clubs with a range of events, services, and opportunities across the year

This is why Handiskins is Australasia's fastest growing club golf movement

What is the Handiskins Club Competition?

Handiskins at a glance

  • The ultimate game of skins for club golfers.
  • Handiskins is a 5 X Qualifying round Stableford competition.  Players best 3 rounds count towards their final score. 
  • The best 3 out of 5 rounds aggregated will determine the 4 qualifiers for the final. In the skins final they have the opportunity to play for up to $1,200* in club or pro shop vouchers. 

Where can it be played?

  • Any club in Australia or New Zealand.

When is it played?

  • Handiskins does not dictate dates of play. Individual clubs schedule their 5 club fixtures & Final as part of their normal calendar.
  • The tournament can be played in conjunction with normal club fixtures. Events are generally held on Saturday and/or Sunday to maximise participation.

Who can play?

  • Only financial club members with an official golf handicap.
  • Men, women and juniors.
  • Handicapping makes it a level playing field for all categories of player making it the most inclusive golf format around.
  • Standalone social clubs are not eligible to play Handiskins - only official golf clubs with membership. However, social clubs are encouraged to consider bringing their supporters to play in the Peter Lehmann Wines Golf Challenge held during the Handiskins Championship Week.

How much does it cost?

Each player pays a one-off entry fee of $40 which covers:

How does your club final work?

  • Top 4 Qualifiers go through to the club final played over 18 holes using the match play index. 
  • The lowest handicap will play off scratch and each other finalist will play from a reduced handicap. 
  • Each hole will be played on the basis of “2 square all square” with the prize value of any hole not won outright jackpotting to the next hole.
  • If the final hole is not won or a nearest to the pin has not been won then such prize vouchers will be split between the four finalists.