The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

Handiskins proves popular in Oxley

27 Sep 2020

A huge field at Oxley Golf Club in the suburbs west of Brisbane today, has once again demonstrated that the members of our Golf Courses around the country are crying out for some fun and excitement in their club comps as we emerge from the COVID-19 restrictions.

Oxley Golf Club

For Oxley Golf Club today we saw a huge field of 93 regular Stableford players upgrade their game to participate in Handiskins. Whilst there is still time for new players to join in round 2, this figure already represents an increase of over 89% on their Handiskins numbers in 2019. 

A terrific effort from the club, which will now also receive a bonus dozen of Peter Lehmann Wines finest drops, to use as the club sees fit. We hope you all enjoy the competition and good luck or should I say great golfing? 

Oxley's record field this weeks mirrors the enthusiasm of recent huge fields at Glenelg and Bundaberg  where the enthusiasm for Handiskins has been palpable. It seems as though the months of restrictions placed upon golfers due to COVID-19 health concerns, has resulted in a pent-up desire to play these club-centric events.

We encourage all clubs that have postponed their Handiskins Competitions so far this year, to take comfort in these numbers posted by Oxley, Glenelg and Bundaberg, and to get in touch to get your Handiskins event back up and running as soon as possible.