The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

Yamaha Chipping Competition

Congratulations Shane Gray from Balgowlah Golf Club - Winner of the 2021 Yamaha Chipping Competition at Handiskins Championship Week

*Golf cart image is for illustration only


  • The competition will be held on the Friday of Handiskins National Championship Week, at RACV Royal Pines, Gold Coast.
  • 50 metre Chipping Competition, at the front of Tees Club House.
  • Each entrant will receive two chips.
  • Winner will be the entrant that is closest to the pin.
  • In the event of two or more entrants holing out, a playoff will occur between those entrants. In the playoff these entrants will receive a further two chips.
  • The winning entrant will receive the Yamaha Golf Cart.
  • Entrants MUST attend and play the Handiskins National Championships Week in either the Peter Lehmann Wines Competition or as a qualifier in the Handiskins National Championships

Players that have qualified for the 2022 Yamaha Chipping Competition so far...

Club Name
Balgowlah Golf Club John Brown
Balgowlah Golf Club Lynda Trevenar
Balgowlah Golf Club Tim McIntyre
Balgowlah Golf Club Ken O'Neill
Balgowlah Golf Club Sal Condello
Balgowlah Golf Club Daniel Karren
Bankstown Golf Club Francis Murugan
Bankstown Golf Club Riad Riad
Bankstown Golf Club Tom Howell
Blackwood Golf Club Stephen Bishop
Blackwood Golf Club Catherine Barry
Blackwood Golf Club Marg Rawlinson
Blackwood Golf Club Trish White
Blackwood Golf Club Chris Thornton
Blackwood Golf Club Leigh Wallman
Bribie Island Golf Club Brendan Spann
Bribie Island Golf Club Warren Smith
Bribie Island Golf Club Russel Winterflood
Bundaberg Golf Club Jason McEwan
Bundaberg Golf Club Paul Batt
Bundaberg Golf Club Peter Cocking
Cowra Golf Club Jamie Judd
Cowra Golf Club Dean Steward
Cowra Golf Club Terry Johns
Cumberland Country Golf Club Eva Lee
Cumberland Country Golf Club Angela Shim
Everglades Country Club David Mason
Everglades Country Club Ian Cameron
Everglades Country Club Ian Foster
Gailes Golf Club Neil King
Gailes Golf Club Paul Brown
Gailes Golf Club David Lloyd
Gainsborough Greens Golf Club Byron Graham
Gainsborough Greens Golf Club David Newey
Gainsborough Greens Golf Club Peter Manson
Glenelg Golf Club Matt Liptak
Glenelg Golf Club Matthew Stone
Glenelg Golf Club Tom Connor
Glenelg Golf Club Ken Schebella
Glenelg Golf Club Rob Chapman
Glenelg Golf Club Leith Friebe
Gosford Golf Club Blair Sunderland
Gosford Golf Club Derek Kidd
Gosford Golf Club Peter Blackwall
Griffith Golf Club Trent McFadzean
Griffith Golf Club Adrian Smith
Griffith Golf Club Anthony Ross
Headland Golf Club Brian Haggarty
Headland Golf Club Mark Gersbach
Headland Golf Club Tom Burnett
Hurstville Golf Club Stuart Dyson
Hurstville Golf Club David Yang
Hurstville Golf Club Chris Bailey
Leeton Golf Club Chris Doolin
Leeton Golf Club Rod Emerson
Leeton Golf Club Jacqui Walsh
Lynwood Golf Course Jason Walter
Lynwood Golf Course Frank Sultana
Lynwood Golf Course Greig Newbery
Macquarie Links International Golf Club Michael Domingo
Macquarie Links International Golf Club Steve Carre
Macquarie Links International Golf Club Rodney Forrester
Mandurah Country Club Inc Doug Savarese
Mandurah Country Club Inc Lyn Searle
Mandurah Country Club Inc Cassie Edman
Mandurah Country Club Inc Danielle Hunt
Mandurah Country Club Inc Eric Curley
Mandurah Country Club Inc Eric Curley
Maroochy River Golf Club Eric Liddle
Maroochy River Golf Club Dan Stains
Maroochy River Golf Club David McFall
Massey Park Golf Club George Saleh
Massey Park Golf Club Peter Seaton
Massey Park Golf Club Jack Thomas
Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club WA Craig Le Roux
Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club WA Jason Ramshaw
Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club WA Wayne Mcindoe
Moss Vale Golf Club Adam Bell
Moss Vale Golf Club Dan Dowler
Moss Vale Golf Club Wesley Norman
Nelson Bay Golf Club John Clark
Nelson Bay Golf Club Nick Aubrey
Nelson Bay Golf Club Michael Davison
Norfolk Island Golf Club Ian Kiernan
Norfolk Island Golf Club Eric Hutchinson
Norfolk Island Golf Club Luke Franco
Northbridge Golf Club John Adamson
Northbridge Golf Club Colum Molloy
Northbridge Golf Club Felix Lev
Northern Golf Club Shayne Armstead
Northern Golf Club Frank Agius
Northern Golf Club Stephen Wilson
Oxley Golf Club Mack Dreyer
Oxley Golf Club Wayne Partridge
Oxley Golf Club Glenn Sellick
Pacific Dunes Golf Club Adam O'Connor
Pacific Dunes Golf Club Chris Howard
Pacific Dunes Golf Club Brian Taylor
Parkes Golf Club Finne Latu
Parkes Golf Club Richard Hamilton
Parkes Golf Club Jack Creith
Proserpine Golf Club Andrew Albergo
Proserpine Golf Club Lewis Tuck
Proserpine Golf Club Troy Smith
Queanbeyan Golf Club James Longfield
Queanbeyan Golf Club Martin Lazzari
Queanbeyan Golf Club Stephen Dinn
Rockingham Golf Club Peter Thorn
Rockingham Golf Club Roric Coleman
Rockingham Golf Club Leigh Liley
Rosebud Country Club Damien Kann
Rosebud Country Club Chris Mew
Rosebud Country Club John Payne
Royal Hobart Golf Club Julio Correa
Royal Hobart Golf Club Kevin Martinovich
Royal Hobart Golf Club Peter Crocker
Royal Hobart Golf Club Tim Stewart
Royal Hobart Golf Club Graham Johnstone
Royal Hobart Golf Club Lindsay Watts
Royal Pines RACV Resort Tony Noel
Royal Pines RACV Resort Adrian Gett
Royal Pines RACV Resort Shin Adachi
Sandy Creek Golf Club Shane Dowling
Sandy Creek Golf Club Adam Whittaker
Sandy Creek Golf Club Rocco Polilto
Southport Golf Club Nicholas Pfeiffer
Southport Golf Club Steve Eaton
Southport Golf Club Tim Stephenson
Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club John Templeton
Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club Parvin Gounden
Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club Scott Thomson
The Cut Golf Course Harvey Bishop
The Cut Golf Course Helen Oliver
The Cut Golf Course Peter Stewart
The Links Shell Cove Peter Hunt
The Links Shell Cove Darren Koller
Thurgoona Golf Club Damien Plunkett
Thurgoona Golf Club Geoff Fisher
Thurgoona Golf Club Lochlan MacKinnon
Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club Warren Cook
Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club Peter Anderson
Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club Joon Kang
Urunga Golf Club Paul Bennett
Urunga Golf Club John Leahy
Urunga Golf Club Ross Walburn
Waratah Golf Club Grahame Baker
Waratah Golf Club Craig Ninness
Waratah Golf Club Raymond Carlin
Wodonga Golf Club Jenny Garner
Wodonga Golf Club Luke Sheather
Wodonga Golf Club Vicki Walsh
Wolston Park Golf Club Eliot Walter
Wolston Park Golf Club Nadine Hall
Wolston Park Golf Club Ian Flett
Woodford Golf Club Bill Schneid
Woodford Golf Club Ryan Walk
Woodford Golf Club Travis Gent