The ultimate game of skins for club golfers

Yamaha Chipping Competition


*Golf cart image is for illustration only


  • The competition will be held once a year on the Friday of the Handiskins Championship Week.
  • 50 metre chipping competition.
  • Each entrant will receive two chips.
  • Winner will be the entrant that is closest to the pin.
  • In the event of two or more entrants holing out, a playoff will occur between those entrants. In the playoff these entrants will receive a further two chips.
  • The winning entrant will receive the Yamaha Golf Cart.
  • Entrants MUST attend and play the Handiskins Championship Week in either the Peter Lehmann Wines Golf Challenge or in the Handiskins National Championship.

Players that have qualified for the 2024 Yamaha Chipping Competition so far...

Club Name
Balgowlah Golf Club Peter Cooper-Southam
Balgowlah Golf Club Peter Fairbrother
Balgowlah Golf Club David Paton
Bankstown Golf Club Jae Chung
Bankstown Golf Club Hayden Ebb
Bankstown Golf Club Joe Pereira
Berwick Montuna Golf Club Shaun Fawcett
Berwick Montuna Golf Club Mick Giddins
Berwick Montuna Golf Club Keith Perera
Blackwood Golf Club Cate Attwell
Blackwood Golf Club Vicky Nimmo
Blackwood Golf Club Trish White
Blackwood Golf Club Angela Masters
Blackwood Golf Club Jarrod Searle
Blackwood Golf Club Ben Tobin
Box Hill Golf Club Brett May
Box Hill Golf Club Geoff Mills
Box Hill Golf Club Mario Valenti
Bribie Island Golf Club Wayne Hay
Bribie Island Golf Club Paul Lye
Bribie Island Golf Club Russel Winterflood
Burleigh Golf Club Eden Delahunty
Burleigh Golf Club Evan Impson
Burleigh Golf Club Allan Meehan
Caboolture Golf Club Ian C Brown
Caboolture Golf Club Luke Hartland
Caboolture Golf Club Craig Rishman
Campbelltown Golf Club Mark Buckley
Campbelltown Golf Club Brendan O'keefe
Campbelltown Golf Club Jamie Warwick
Castle Hill Country Club Graham Pearson
Castle Hill Country Club Ged Ryan
Castle Hill Country Club Emmanuel Vassallo
City Golf Club Toowoomba Kurt Arnold
City Golf Club Toowoomba Steve Glover
City Golf Club Toowoomba Jayden Peck
Commercial Golf Resort Albury Shane Hansford
Commercial Golf Resort Albury Malcolm Hawkins
Commercial Golf Resort Albury Sam Plunkett
Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Golf Club Graeme Carlos
Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Golf Club Kaine McGovern
Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Golf Club Daniel Spooner
Cowra Golf Club Jeff Marks
Cowra Golf Club Peter Kirwan
Cowra Golf Club Mick Curtale
Cumberland Country Golf Club Sunhee Lee
Cumberland Country Golf Club Kay Park
Cumberland Country Golf Club Sophia Yoo
Cumberland Country Golf Club Darren Greenfield
Cumberland Country Golf Club Ian McCarthy
Cumberland Country Golf Club Darren Stocks
Devilbend Golf Club David Bagnoux
Devilbend Golf Club Daniel Lang
Devilbend Golf Club Cameron Sexton
Devonport Country Club Paul Duggan
Devonport Country Club Alan Halliwell
Devonport Country Club Antonio Tenaglia
Everglades Country Club Grahame Steven
Everglades Country Club David Hayward
Everglades Country Club John Pearcy
Gailes Golf Club Anthony Moore
Gailes Golf Club Andrew Thompson
Gailes Golf Club An Tran
Gainsborough Greens Golf Club Keith Bigg
Gainsborough Greens Golf Club Justin Buckby
Gainsborough Greens Golf Club Mike Mitchell
Gardiners Run Golf Course Shane Kenealy
Gardiners Run Golf Course Leigh Murphy
Gardiners Run Golf Course Leigh Murphy
Glenelg Golf Club Chris Geddie
Glenelg Golf Club Loise Pike
Glenelg Golf Club Darren Vowles
Glenelg Golf Club Wayne Humphries
Glenelg Golf Club Dara Long
Glenelg Golf Club Greg Rice
Gosford Golf Club Peter Clare
Gosford Golf Club Ken Kirkwood
Gosford Golf Club Ray Sheal
Griffith Golf Club Alf Franchi
Griffith Golf Club David Doig
Griffith Golf Club Jason Dunn
Headland Golf Club Julian Coull
Headland Golf Club Kirsten Kaergaard
Headland Golf Club Carmel Visser
Headland Golf Club Todd Petrie
Headland Golf Club Matt Prince
Headland Golf Club Vicky Sheridan
Hurstville Golf Club Simon Daher
Hurstville Golf Club Danny Rothwell
Hurstville Golf Club Todd Shaw
Keysborough Golf Club David Cattunar
Keysborough Golf Club David Spencer
Keysborough Golf Club Darrell Swindells
Kiama Golf Club Rhys Cull
Kiama Golf Club Ron Harivel
Kiama Golf Club Tom O'Rourke
Kooindah Waters Golf Club Steph Rapmund
Kooindah Waters Golf Club Dean Smith
Kooindah Waters Golf Club Dean Smith
Lakelands Golf Club Ed Crowley
Lakelands Golf Club Paul McGavin
Lakelands Golf Club Carlo Torti
Lakeside Golf Club Camden Brian Brown
Lakeside Golf Club Camden Bruce Connor
Lakeside Golf Club Camden Rhys Vella
Leeton Golf Club Matt Aliendi
Leeton Golf Club Dave Lang
Leeton Golf Club Jason Nardi
Leonay Golf Club Adam Brennen
Leonay Golf Club Adam Brennen
Leonay Golf Club Reg Glass
Long Reef Golf Club Michael Cooper
Long Reef Golf Club Rob Cordaiy
Long Reef Golf Club Cameron Gillespie
Longyard Golf Course Christian Bell
Longyard Golf Course Jack Kelly
Longyard Golf Course Daphne Pearson
Lynwood Golf & Country Club Damian Johnston
Lynwood Golf & Country Club James Granero
Lynwood Golf & Country Club Jenny Smith
Macquarie Links International Golf Club Michael Domingo
Macquarie Links International Golf Club Sean Khoury
Macquarie Links International Golf Club Rowan Lalor
Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club Todd Bowden
Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club Kim Burke
Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club Kylie Deller
Mandurah Country Club Inc David Norris
Mandurah Country Club Inc Bob Rogers
Mandurah Country Club Inc Kaye Batt
Mandurah Country Club Inc Monica Durrant
Mandurah Country Club Inc Skip Siegmann
Mandurah Country Club Inc Mark Adams
Maroochy River Golf Club Stephen Lee
Maroochy River Golf Club Richard Marshall
Maroochy River Golf Club Scott Wieden
Massey Park Golf Club Tony Bowmar
Massey Park Golf Club Richie Lee
Massey Park Golf Club Wayne McPherson
McLeod Country Golf Club Allan Austin
McLeod Country Golf Club Collette Byrne
McLeod Country Golf Club Rod Rose
Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club WA Jenny Currin
Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club WA Scott Dawes
Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club WA Jarrad Tenni
Moss Vale Golf Club Peter Nelson
Moss Vale Golf Club Pat Norton
Moss Vale Golf Club Scott Winsor
Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club Nathaneil Beverley
Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club Jamie McIlveen
Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club Trevor Peter
Nelson Bay Golf Club Wayne Finney
Nelson Bay Golf Club Tim Maher
Nelson Bay Golf Club Paul Marks
Norfolk Island Golf Club Barley Christian
Norfolk Island Golf Club Luke Howlett
Norfolk Island Golf Club Kerry Robertson
Northern Golf Club Gerard Guinan
Northern Golf Club Daniel Smith
Northern Golf Club Stephen Wilson
Oxley Golf Club Devin Barry
Oxley Golf Club Brian Leaso
Oxley Golf Club Debra Shand
Pacific Dunes Golf Club Brad Leayr
Pacific Dunes Golf Club Tony Managhan
Pacific Dunes Golf Club Graeme Valler
Parkes Golf Club Cathy Kelly
Parkes Golf Club Melissa Matthews
Parkes Golf Club Jake Thompson
Penfield Golf Club David Kerr
Penfield Golf Club Adam Lord
Penfield Golf Club Chris Okeil
Port Kembla Golf Club Peter Crinis
Port Kembla Golf Club Roger Franklin
Port Kembla Golf Club Jaidon Kyriacou
Proserpine Golf Club Kelvin Stephens
Proserpine Golf Club Kelvin Stephens
Proserpine Golf Club Lewis Tuck
Queanbeyan Golf Club Eli Brennan
Queanbeyan Golf Club Theo Vassalakis
Queanbeyan Golf Club Phil Bower
Richmond Golf Club Damien Austin
Richmond Golf Club Steven Dorman
Richmond Golf Club John Mullinger
Rockingham Golf Club Johannes Schoonbee
Rockingham Golf Club John Soroka
Rockingham Golf Club Terrance Slater
Rosebud Country Club Anthony Carafa
Rosebud Country Club Rob Carboni
Rosebud Country Club Glenn Mew
Royal Hobart Golf Club Peter Crosswell
Royal Hobart Golf Club Charles Goggin
Royal Hobart Golf Club Rocky Schiro
Royal Pines RACV Resort Cameron Hargrave
Royal Pines RACV Resort Peter Laskas
Royal Pines RACV Resort Tanaka Tsuyoshi
Ryde Parramatta Golf Club Martyn Howard
Ryde Parramatta Golf Club Robert Moir
Ryde Parramatta Golf Club Dilip Ramaswamy
Sandy Creek Golf Club Grant Kelly
Sandy Creek Golf Club Alex Keylock
Sandy Creek Golf Club Brenton Williams
Secret Harbour Golf Links WA Cameron Branchi
Secret Harbour Golf Links WA Greg Goodwin
Secret Harbour Golf Links WA Michael Hrycko
Singleton Golf Club Antony Beetson
Singleton Golf Club Arne Coulston
Singleton Golf Club Damien James
Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club Alex Jansen
Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club Paul Loader
Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club Peter Martin
Tanunda Pines Golf Club Lynden Claridge
Tanunda Pines Golf Club Robert Malone
Tanunda Pines Golf Club Michael Wilso
Thaxted Park Golf Club Jamie Dunnicliff
Thaxted Park Golf Club Chris Nguyen
Thaxted Park Golf Club Rhys Zammit
The Cut Golf Course Milka Tatarko Eccleston
The Cut Golf Course Milka Tatarko Eccleston
The Cut Golf Course Helen Oliver
The Eastern Golf Club Darrel Clinch
The Links Lady Bay Golf Club Paul Fellows
The Links Lady Bay Golf Club Branko Mikulcic
The Links Lady Bay Golf Club David Galloway
The Links Shell Cove Michael Ashelford
The Links Shell Cove Phillip Ryan
The Links Shell Cove Liam Ryan
The Stirling Golf Club Gary Hardman
The Stirling Golf Club David Harriss
The Stirling Golf Club Dean Morkunas
Thurgoona Golf Club Kenneth Primmer
Thurgoona Golf Club Craig Bosley
Thurgoona Golf Club George Ekanayaka
Toowoomba Golf Club Middle Ridge Marty Broderick
Toowoomba Golf Club Middle Ridge Adam King
Toowoomba Golf Club Middle Ridge Ben Walker
Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club Peter Anderson
Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club David Leet
Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club Mick Locke
Wanneroo Golf Club Craig Marsh
Wanneroo Golf Club David Tedesco
Wanneroo Golf Club Alan Vines
Waratah Golf Club Peter Delore
Waratah Golf Club Keith Leyshon
Waratah Golf Club Craig Ninness
Wentworth Falls Country Club Farquhar Boyd
Wentworth Falls Country Club Tilly Elderfield
Wentworth Falls Country Club Jesse Hardaker
Westlakes Golf Club Bradley Hunt
Westlakes Golf Club Mal Rankine
Westlakes Golf Club Mal Rankine
Wodonga Golf Club Wade Harris
Wodonga Golf Club Michael Spiteri
Wodonga Golf Club Peter Surman
Wolston Park Golf Club Rick Christie
Wolston Park Golf Club Nadine Hall
Wolston Park Golf Club Bart Hamers
Woodford Golf Club Derek Richards
Woodford Golf Club Therese Zerbst
Woodford Golf Club Phillip Zerbst
Young Golf Club Geoff Connelly
Young Golf Club Simon Murray
Young Golf Club Steve Smith